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SpriteKit Documentation


01: Drawing SpriteKit Content in a View

02: (SKScene) Creating a Scene from a File

03: (SKScene) Scaling a Scene’s Content to Fit the View

04: (SKScene) Positioning a Scene’s Origin Within its View

05: (SKScene) Responding to Frame-Cycle Events

06: (SKScene) Subclassing Scenes Versus Assigning a Delegate

07: (SKSceneDelegate) Use SpriteKit Objects within Scene Delegate Callbacks

08: (SKScene) Creating a Scene with a Transparent Background

09: (SKScene) Using Audio Nodes with the Scene’s Listener

10: (Nodes for scene building) Using Base Nodes to Lay Out SpriteKit Content

11: (SKNode) Getting Started with Nodes

12: (SKNode) About Node Drawing Order

13: (SKNode) About SpriteKit Coordinate Systems

14: (SKNode) Accessing and Modifying the Node Tree

15: (SKNode) Customizing the Behavior of a Node

16: (SKNode) About Node Property Propagation

17: (SKNode) Searching the Node Tree

18: (SKNode) Getting Started with Actions

19: (SKNode) Getting Started with Physics Bodies

20: (SKNode) Controlling User Interaction on Nodes

21: (SKNode) Understanding Hit-Testing

22: (SKNode) Converting Coordinate Spaces

23: (SKCameraNode) Getting Started with a Camera

24: (Nodes for scene building) Maximizing Node Drawing Performance

25: (SKSpriteNode) Getting Started with Sprite Nodes

26: (SKSpriteNode) Using the Anchor Point to Move a Sprite

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