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About Node Property Propagation

Learn which properties of a node affect its child nodes.


Changing certain properties on a node can propagate to its decendants:

Property Description
xScale, yScale The node’s coordinate system is scaled by these two factors. This property affects coordinate conversion, the node’s frame, drawing, and hit testing. Its descendants are similarly scaled.
zPosition The node’s draw order. Nodes with a higher zPosition are rendered above nodes with a lower zPosition. This value propagates to its descendants such that a node’s zPosition is equal to that of its parent node, plus any value it holds in its own zPosition property.
alpha If the node is rendered using a blend mode, the alpha value is multiplied into any alpha value before the blend operation takes place. The descendants are similarly affected.
isHidden If a node is hidden, the node and its descendants are not rendered.
speed The speed at which a node processes actions is multiplied by this value. The descendants are similarly affected.

The net effect is that a child node is rendered based not only on its own properties but also on the properties of its ancestors.

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